International Shipping

Welcome to USALB

Usalb is dedicated to forward freight to all international airports and sea ports. Our focus on compliance with customs regulations helps to reduce cargo delays and costs associated with those delays. Unlike many door-to-door providers Usalb was founded as a Freight Forwarder and has the experience to increase your compliance rates with Shipping. Although this is the smallest part of the journey it is the most important “what if” factor facing your shipments.You should put your trust in our company at solving shipping problems and helping you meet your deadlines. Usalb International shipping is specialized to ship Autos, furniture, heavy equipments and more, from USA to the world, especially to Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia,Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Greece, Italy etc. Usalb professionals are specialized to help customers for moving services from Door to Door, Door to Port, Port to Door, Port to Port. We can even assist our customers starting with packing at the origin and unpacking at the destination.

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